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Gillian Huebner

Collaborative on Global Children's Issues

Gillian Huebner is the executive director of the Collaborative on Global Children's Issues at Georgetown University. Huebner's work has focused on supporting the development, strengthening, and coordination of programs and systems to enhance community-based and nationally-owned approaches to building young people’s resilience and supporting children at risk. She has done this work at home and abroad with the UN, the U.S. government, private foundations, multiple non-governmental organizations, and as an independent consultant. Huebner convened the Innovating Protection for Children on the Move Across the Americas forum, which was co-sponsored by Georgetown University’s Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues, Institute for the Study of International Migration, and Georgetown Americas Institute, in coordination with strategic partners. Huebner is a member of the Collaborative Design Team for Faith and the Family, a forum convened by Georgetown University’s Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues and Catholic Relief Services.

  • Worked with UNICEF to promote better reception, care, and services for newly arriving migrant and asylum-seeking children in the United States and ensure quality care for children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Served as the senior child development and protection advisor with USAID's Center for Children in Adversity, developing the first whole-of-government strategy for U.S. international assistance to children.
  • Participated as a founding member of the National Academy of Medicine's Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally, a three-year global project.
  • Established the U.S. office of J.K. Rowling’s child rights foundation, Lumos.
  • Worked with the UN, NGOs, academic institutions, and private foundations in six countries in Africa, the former Soviet Union, Western Europe, and the United States.

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