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This paper, co-authored by Gillian Huebner, executive director of the Collaborative on Global Children's Issues, was published by UNICEF and illustrates how reception, care, and services for unaccompanied migrant children in the United States can be built around the best interests of each child.

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February 1, 2021

Building Bridges for Every Child

Author: Gillian Huebner

The United States has a long history of offering refuge to children in need as well as advocating for children to be in protective family care. This UNICEF report offers encouragement for U.S. policymakers and practitioners to build on that tradition by extending the same levels of care and protection to migrant and asylum-seeking children. It also urges governments to end child immigration detention and scale up family- and community-based reception, care, and support services for children, both in the United States and across the region. The report presents recommendations for the care and support of every migrant child, no matter their story, where they were born, or why they arrived unaccompanied.

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