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A group of children looking in the same direction


Georgetown University’s Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues addresses critical issues facing children and families around the world through research, publications, and events that engage affected communities, leading stakeholders, students, and faculty.

Silhouette of a child looking out at destroyed buildings

Children Living Outside of Family Care

Extreme poverty, inadequate access to social services, conflict, disaster, disability, forced labor, discrimination, and human rights violations have led to millions of children living outside of family care.

Eight people walking on the horizon, with one farther ahead than the others

Children on the Move

Hundreds of thousands of children are leaving their homes, either with family members or on their own, experiencing internal displacement, and attempting to cross borders throughout the Americas.

Child kneeling and playing with sand

Climate Change and Children

Nearly half of the world’s children are at an extremely high risk of experiencing negative effects from climate change, with significant implications for their well-being across their lifetime.