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Breakthrough Series Collaboratives on Children's Issues

A breakthrough series collaborative brings together diverse stakeholders who are innovating responses that address critical issues affecting children. The process allows current and future leaders to examine what works and bridge the gap between theory and practice. The Collaborative on Global Children's Issues is employing this model to help identify child-focused, community-based solutions to a range of global children's issues.

The breakthrough series collaborative process facilitates learning from the ground up. It is an iterative framework through which practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and young people with lived experience test ideas and implement innovations in real time, document and share results, and collaborate on revisions to build, improve, or transform child-focused programs and systems. This approach recognizes that child-centered solutions to complex and challenging issues are often developed at the community level with little or no external support. At the Collaborative on Global Children's Issues, we believe that those closest to the challenges are also closest to the solutions.